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Understand more about us and how we can help illustrate your vision.
How many revisions can I have?

We always strive to deliver your exact requirements. We deem no project complete until the Client is completely satisfied. In some instances, we will charge for additional changes if they are materially different to our original design brief. However, in all instances we work collaborative with you to reach an optimal outcome.

I’m looking for different service

Our services can be boiler-plate or tailored. This means that no matter the project, we can accommodate. We can have a 'no obligations' discussion to better understand your requirements and see if Illustrate can deliver.

How is pricing determined?

Every project is unique, which is why our pricing is tailored to your specific requirements, resources and timelines. After an initial free consultation, we can provide a transparent and itemised quotation that details your project and our services. Any expenses we may incur during a project is typically bourne by Illustrate unless explicitly communicated and mutually agreed.

How long does it take to complete a project?

We can deliver a project whenever you might need it. Depending on the timeline, we may charge an expedited delivery fee, which varies based on speed and requirements. During our initial consultation, we will provide an indicative timeline that will later be confirmed in writing.

What information do you need to start?

There are no minimum requirements for what we term 'Prepared by Client' (PBC). We can work with anything from sketches on a napkin to detailed CAD files. During our initial consultation, we'll inquire about the materials you already have and discuss how we can utilize them effectively.