Curved Comfort

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In short
Crafting comfort in pixels and polygons: That's what we recently achieved in our collaboration with an innovative interior design company. Our task was to give life to a series of modern couches—taking them from design sketches to 3D models so realistic, you'd want to sit down. This project was an exciting blend of comfort, style, and photorealism.
Private client
Product Rendering
Interior Design
May 2023

The Challenge

We weren't just building digital couches; we were recreating an experience. The aim was to capture the organic feel of the couches down to the last stitch. Moreover, these couches had to sit seamlessly in a real-life setting, alongside curved black coffee tables.

The Art of Photorealism

The project started by placing the 3D couch models within a photographed scene. This required pinpoint accuracy to ensure the scale and proportions were just right. What truly made the couches come alive, however, was mastering the art of lighting. Each ray of light was meticulously calculated to reflect, diffuse, and interact with the materials, achieving an extraordinary level of realism.

Curved Coffee Tables & The Magic of Details

No interior scene is complete without the right accessories. In our case, that meant adding elegantly curved black coffee tables to the setting. These weren't just simple 3D models; they were detailed pieces of virtual furniture that contributed to the atmosphere.

Technology and Tools

For this project, we harnessed the power of Cinema 4D and Lumion. Cinema 4D gave us the creative freedom to experiment with textures and shapes, while Lumion allowed us to render the final image with photorealistic quality.


This journey of rendering modern couches and complementing furniture pieces illustrates the endless possibilities of 3D technology when it comes to interior design. It's one thing to visualize a couch; it's another to feel its comfort through a screen. With our state-of-the-art rendering techniques, we bridge that gap, giving our clients the most authentic representation of their designs.

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