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We worked with an Australian developer to generate photorealistic renders of an upcoming develop to secure planning and investor approval.
Private Client
Architectural Rendering
June 2023

What happens when visionary architecture meets cutting-edge 3D technology? In our recent collaboration with an esteemed Australian developer, we had the opportunity to answer this question. Introducing a mid-rise apartment development that not only complements the local skyline but also stands as a testament to seamless integration with its natural surroundings. Let's take you behind the scenes of this captivating project.

The Challenge

The developer's brief was twofold: First, create a detailed 3D model of a mid-rise apartment development that would fit naturally into an existing urban setting. Second, provide lifelike landscape renderings that would bring the outdoor spaces to life.

Photomatching - The Realism Quotient

The most significant technical challenge was to place the development "in situ," making it appear as if it was already part of the existing landscape. Using advanced photomatching techniques, we aligned the 3D model with photographs of the street and surrounding buildings, ensuring accurate scale and perspective. The result? A stunningly realistic integration of the new structure into its future home.

Landscaping - Where Nature Meets Architecture

But a development isn't just about walls and windows; it's also about the environment it fosters. We paid meticulous attention to the outdoor areas, rendering plants, trees, and recreational spaces with an unprecedented level of detail. Each leaf, each petal, and each blade of grass was crafted to match real-life counterparts.

Technology at Play

Our tools for this project ranged from ArchiCAD for the 3D modelling to Lumion for the rendering. In both stages, the goal was to reach the pinnacle of realism without compromising on artistic vision.


This project exemplifies what can be achieved when cutting-edge 3D modelling and rendering techniques meet architectural excellence. It was a journey that started with a vision and ended with an awe-inspiring lifelike development that harmonizes perfectly with its surroundings.

The partnership with our Australian client reaffirms our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality in 3D architectural visualization. This is just the beginning, and we can't wait to embark on the next architectural adventure.

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